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  • The NFTY-MAR Cabinet Application is Finally Here!

    We are so thrilled to present the NFTY-MAR 2016-2017 Cabinet Application! We pride ourselves on offering leadership opportunities to many participants at many levels, and are eager to work with as many of our participants, as possible. Cabinet is a great way to work with regional board and lead in

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  • 11755108_1656879267859256_1701138940967664159_n

    Truth About Why I’m Absolutely Ready to Return to #Kutz16!

    Written by Sydney Chiat, a sophomore from Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation. Sydney will be a Kutz Fellow this summer!  Interested in attending #Kutz16? Scholarships are still available! ——— Kehilah Kedosha, holy community. One month of the immense feeling of Kehilah Kedosha. One month of friends, of learning, but most importantly-

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