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  • MLK and Mi Chamocha: How We Seek Freedom by Challenging the Status Quo

    It is so fitting that Winter Kallah, MLK Weekend, and this week’s Parsha, Beshalach, all line up. Not only do they all fall on the same week this year, but the portion and King’s speech parallel one another. Beshalach represents freedom, as it here in the Torah that the Mi Chamocha originates, but it also represents pushing forward in the face of struggle. The parsha begins with the Israelites escaping across the Sea of Reeds. Pharaoh’s army follows, but gets drowned as they try and cross.

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  • We Know the Way Out

    At NFTY-MAR’s Fall Kallah November 16-18, 2018, in Baltimore, MD teens from across the region gathered as a community and spent Shabbat reflecting on gratitude and learning about food insecurity across the United States. The following is a D’var Torah written by Jared Sloan, of Temple Beth Or in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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