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  • NFTY-MAR Cabinet 2019-2020

    We are so thrilled to present the NFTY-MAR 2019-2020 Cabinet Application! Cabinet is a great way to work with regional board and lead in an area you are passionate about, but it is also a huge responsibility and commitment. A full list of cabinet positions, their descriptions, and their responsibilities can be found below.  Please

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  • Introducing the NFTY-MAR Regional Board 2019-2020 Candidates

    Introducing the NFTY-MAR 2019-2020 Regional Board Candidates  One of the best aspects of NFTY as a movement is that we are actively teen lead. These 14 amazing candidates are our future and they will work in partnership with our adult leadership to develop and implement new contributions to our community. This is your movement. We

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