Blog  Truth About Why I’m Absolutely Ready to Return to #Kutz16!

Truth About Why I’m Absolutely Ready to Return to #Kutz16!

Written by Sydney Chiat, a sophomore from Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation. Sydney will be a Kutz Fellow this summer!  Interested in attending #Kutz16? Scholarships are still available!


Kehilah Kedosha, holy community. One month of the immense feeling of Kehilah Kedosha. One month of friends, of learning, but most importantly- Judaism.

Kutz is the summer camp where you get to experience all of this and so much more. The summer of 2015 was my first summer at Kutz. The first time I went to sleep away camp. The first time I was away from my family for more than a week. When I got to camp I was greeted with the words “Welcome Home”. It wasn’t until the day I left I realized how powerful those words truly are. My summer experience was one I will never forget. Everyday I would wake up in the bunk next to my best friend. The two of us would get up go to breakfast and then go to our major, Mitzvah Corps, which focuses on peer inclusion for teens with Autism who attend a short-term Jewish camping experience. These campers were some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. I learned about autism, leadership, but, best of all, I discovered myself in a Jewish lens. I brought back leadership skills to MAR this year and taught others as well.

This upcoming summer, I’m returning to the place I call my home, my kehilah kedosha. I will be majoring in the leadership academy which focuses on furthering leadership skills and effectively leading a community. I’m so excited to bring these skills, along with the memories, back to MAR and help to make our kehilah kedosha the most MARvelous place it can be.