Blog  Why LEAD?


LEAD. Leadership Exploration and Development. We’ve renamed MAR’s first event of the year and we want to explain why.


First, a bit of history about this event. A long time ago it was called LTI, Leadership Training Institute, and the event was only open to TYG board members. In 2010, the then Regional Board decided to open up the event to all MARites and renamed it JELLO, Jewish Educational Leadership Learning Oh. They chose “JELLO” because it was lighthearted and fun, just like the redesigned leadership event was going to be (you can watch their announcement video here:

Back in 2010 “JELLO” made a lot of sense. It appealed to the MARites that didn’t have named positions in their TYG and it helped change the tone of the event. But now, in 2016, “JELLO” doesn’t make much sense—it  doesn’t tell you anything about the event or its purpose. People unfamiliar with MAR hear “JELLO” and think of a jiggly fruit dessert, not an event that focuses on leadership training.

LEAD Flyer -updated-“LEAD” is representative of our first event. The name “LEAD” conveys fundamental knowledge about the event to new members, giving them a basis that allows them to jump right in and join our community. The more someone knows about an event, the less intimidating it is to go. “LEAD” is a serious name for one of our more serious events, but it is reflective of MAR, our goals, and the incredible leaders we have in our community. Not to mention it’s straightforward to tell your teacher you’re missing school to go to “LEAD” and learn to be a better leader. You don’t have to be in MAR to realized that “LEAD” focuses on leadership development, which makes our community more open and welcoming.

“LEAD” is the same event you know and love, from network time to grade wars, the name change just spotlights what we’re here to do: grow as LEADers. LEAD is September 16th-18th at Capital Camps and registration is open now through August 24th!

We are so excited for NFTY-MAR to reunite at LEAD as we learn together, laugh together, pray together, and grow together. Can’t wait to see you there!