Blog  An Opportunity to LEAD Spiritually!

An Opportunity to LEAD Spiritually!

Have you ever sat through a NFTY service and watched your friends being called up to chant Torah, give an original D’var Torah, lead a song, or read a quote, and thought to yourself, “How can I do that?”

Now you can! There is a new way to be a part of NFTY-MAR’s unique t’filot. We have broken down the t’filot leadership opportunities into 6 categories: reading Torah, giving a D’var Torah, presenting an original reading, presenting a found reading,  presenting a reading chosen by the RCVP, or leading a prayer. If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form!  You will receive an email with the details of your request and any other information (deadlines) pertinent to your leadership! The form will be updated as the year goes on, to reflect event changes and other circumstances.

If you are interested in contributing to services in another way that wasn’t mentioned, you can email Hannah Daniel, the NFTY-MAR RCVP, separately at Thank you all for your vested interest in t’filah leadership!