Blog  URJ Summer Program: What I Learned on Mitzvah Corps

URJ Summer Program: What I Learned on Mitzvah Corps

This past summer, a number of NFTY-MAR teens participated in a variety of URJ Summer Experiences. We asked a few teens to share with us a highlight of their experience and how their summer will help impact their year in NFTY. Below is a blog post, written by KC Kurz, who participated in Mitzvah Corps: Israel

Most Jewish people have the opportunity to go to Israel at least once in their life. Only a fraction of these people experience Israel the way I had the chance to this summer. On Mitzvah Corps Israel, we saw more than the average tour. We had challenging discussions, met people from countries I did not even know existed, and saw the “hidden gems” of the country.

We went to a nature reserve called Lotem, their main focus is making nature accessible to all types of people. Our tour guide’s name was Roz, and he was in a car accident when he was 8 years old that left him paralyzed. He shared a little bit of his story, then asked us for questions. A girl on my trip asked “If you could change one thing in the world for the handicapped community, what would it be?” Roz started shaking his head and told her “I never think in terms of “if”. I only think in terms of what I have. It is impossible for one thing to be universally changed for all handicapped people, so why think about anything different?”

This mindset has changed how I approach my daily life. I can now critically evaluate the things I have in my life, and appreciate the places everyone comes from. This will impact my time in MAR because I can now alter my actions to aid someone who is not comfortable asking for help.

The only “if” in your mind should be How will my life change “IF” I do a NFTY summer program!