Blog  Introducing the NFTY-MAR Regional Board 2021-2022 Candidates

Introducing the NFTY-MAR Regional Board 2021-2022 Candidates

Introducing the NFTY-MAR 2021-2022 Regional Board Candidates 

One of the best aspects of NFTY as a movement is that we are actively teen lead. These 11 amazing candidates are our future and they will work in partnership with our adult leadership to develop and implement new contributions to our community. This is your movement. We encourage you to thoroughly evaluate each candidate’s ideas and visions for NFTY.

We highly encourage every MARite to review every document below each candidate. This includes their Letter of Intent, Program Summary, and Video Speech. Even if you won’t be present at Spring Kallah, use this to your advantage and voice your opinion with your voting body before they go to elections. If you will be present at election, it is to your benefit to watch them before you arrive, as speeches will NOT be shown at the event.

As you look at this page, please remember that every candidate met the same criteria to run, every candidate has made a huge commitment to our movement, every candidate should be judged solely on their platform, every candidate is strong, and every candidate is a NFTYite.

Candidate for NFTY Mid-Atlantic President

Jacob Wesoky – Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation, Reston, VA – NOVTY

I’m Jacob Wesoky (he/him) and I’m so excited to be a candidate for NFTY-MAR President! When I’m not hanging with my best friends at NFTY events, you can find me going on long runs in the woods, listening to Taylor Swift, or playing with my two dogs (their names are Sasha and Donut and I am absolutely obsessed with them). Fun fact: I am lactose-intolerant but my favorite food is Pizza.


What is your superpower?
I can make literally anything very hype with my extreme enthusiasm and energy.

If your Bar/Bat Mitzvah was today, what would your theme be?
My Bar Mitzvah theme would be my dogs because they are my favorite things on earth and I can/will mention them in every conversation.

*If not elected for Regional President, Jacob is planning to drop down and declare his candidacy for Programming Vice President


Candidate for NFTY Mid-Atlantic Programming Vice President

Shane Adams – Temple Beth Or, Raleigh – RALFTY

Shalom! My name is Shane Adams (he/him), and I’m a junior from Raleigh, North Carolina. When I’m not running RALFTY board meetings as President, you can find me driving around listening to music, playing political podcasts while working out, and seeing how late at night I can go to Cookout. You can also catch me being Student  Council President, part of DECA, and being on the board for my school’s Special Education inclusion club.

What is your superpower?
My superpower is the ability to stop filling up a water bottle the second before it overflows. Even though I probably just jinxed it, somehow I have gotten away with minimal spillage from overfilling over the years.

What is your stance on candles? Be specific.
I believe that as a concept, candles are a good idea, but the current implementation of them needs reform. The smells, forms, and shapes are way too variable and unpredictable for the current climate in this country. It may just be that I do not have the strongest sense of smell, but differentiating between candles that have names based on people seems like a poor use of a strenuous amount of energy. Similarly, there is not enough information in the market on why different candles are made in different ways. I know that I should buy a wood-wick candle, but there has been no information put out on why it is the best. Propaganda by Big Candle has caused their product to become a need in the average household, disproportionately affecting those who have difficulties with the smell of them.

Candidate for NFTY Mid-Atlantic Social Action Vice President

Shani InbariTemple Beth Or, Raleigh – RALFTY

Hey MAR! My name is Shani Inbari (she/her) and I’m a junior from Raleigh, North Carolina. I am so excited about running for SAVP! I have been RALFTY’s SAVP for the past two years, and I currently am one of the MAR Social Action Chairs. When I’m not crying on NFTY calls, you could find me trying new Goodberries ice cream combinations, hanging out with my dachshund Ottie, or working on my bullet journal.

What is your superpower?
My superpower is having insane beginners luck. Catch me making the first basket, scoring the first goal, and then plummeting the rest of the game! 

What is your stance on candles? Be specific.
My stance on candles is just like my opinion on Swedish Fish: way better than the original twizzlers, but nowhere near as good as watermelon sour patch.

Candidates for NFTY Mid-Atlantic Religious and Cultural Vice President

Hannah SilberTemple Beth Or, Raleigh, NC – RALFTY

Hi my name is Hannah Silber and I am hoping to be the NFTY-MAR RCVP for the 2021-2022 year! I am excited to try new and out of the box programs and services and make more fun-filled events. I am really interested in music and will talk to anyone about a good book. NFTY-MAR has been my home since 8th grade and I am excited to see what this next year brings.


What is your superpower?
I am able to memorize song lyrics quickly and able to retain them for years. Somehow I can still recite songs that I haven’t heard in years but at least when it comes down to a fun car ride I am able to sing along.

What is the name of your autobiography?
It would be titled “I Tried” because I always try new things but it doesn’t always work out in my favor.

Talia HolzmanNorthern Virginia Hebrew Congregation, Reston, VA – NOVTY

I’m Talia Holzman (she/her) and I’m a rising junior from Reston, Virginia. In my free time I am rock climbing, baking, and making plans to travel the world. When I am not in zoom school, you can find me cuddling with my dog, rereading Percy Jackson, or hanging out with my friends on Heller High.


What is your superpower?

This is more of a skill, but I have been practicing psychoanalyzing people based off of their coffee orders. I usually am correct, but it is not an exact science. People who drink black coffee and earl grey are very similar (although black coffee people are a bit more particular).

If your Bar/Bat Mitzvah was today, what would your theme be?
Probably books, or to be honest different Taylor Swift eras. A teal Debut table, gold for Fearless (Taylor’s Version), purple for Speak Now, red for Red, midnight for 1989 (fight me), black for reputation, dusty rose for Lover, grey for Folklore, and maroon/beige for Evermore.

Candidates for NFTY Mid-Atlantic Communications Vice President

Annabel MillerArnold, MY, BAYTY

Hi MAR! I’m Annabel Miller (she/her) and I am a junior from BAYTY. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to run for your Communications VP! Currently, I am the CVP for my beloved BAYTY as well as your Inclusion Chair. When I’m not talking my school friends’ ears off about NFTY, you can find me hanging out with my dog, practicing photography, or crafting very specific Spotify playlists!

What is your superpower?
I could predict the weather when I was little!

You are teaching a Master Class, what is it on?
How to make the perfect smoothie bowl in under ten minutes without being late to third period.

Hi, My name is Shayna Richman, I am a rising senior from TRSTY in Fallschurch Virginia. I have been going to NFTY Mar events since I was in 8th grade and I have attended over 11 Regional events and counting. In my free time I work at an ice cream store and play travel soccer. I have attended URJ Camp Harlam for 7 years and I am returning for my 8th summer.

What is your superpower?

My super power would be to be able to fly.

What is your stance on candles? Be specific.
I very much dislike candles, most of them smell awful, The ones that smell good are the ones you end up burning and then it burns out and you are left with nothing.

*If not elected for Regional Communication Vice President, Shayna is planning to drop down and declare her candidacy for Membership Vice President

Candidate for NFTY Mid-Atlantic Membership Vice President

Ilana FarnsworthCongregation Or Ami, VA – OATY

Shalom NFTY-MAR! My name is Ilana Farnsworth (she/her) and I am a junior from OATY. I’m currently serving as Co-President, but now I am SO thrilled to be running for NFTY-MAR MVP! When I’m not doing school, working, or NFTY, you can catch me crying about Kutz and Heller High, hanging out with Bestie (my cat), or making Tiktoks. At NFTY events, I love reading Torah and meeting new people!

What is your superpower? 

My superpower is analyzing people… For some reason I’m oddly good at reading people’s personalities and a lot of the time I’m pretty accurate (hit me up if you want to be analyzed)

What is your stance on candles?
I have a rocky relationship with candles. I like cinnamon scented candles the most, and pumpkin scented candles are a close second. The reason I’m not the biggest fan of candles is because one time I set off the fire alarms in my entire house because I didn’t have any airflow in my room as my 3 candles were burning. I didn’t realize that my room was filled with smoke (awkward on my part) and now I’m not allowed to light candles anymore. In conclusion, candles are pretty cool for Shabbat and places other than my room!