Meet Our Regional Board

Avery Sloan, President
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Avery Sloan (she/her) is a senior from Apex, North Carolina. She is excited to be NFTY-MAR President and has previously served as a NFTY-MAR Spiritual Engagement Chair and RALFTY’s Religious and Cultural VP. When not writing a D’var or at a MAR event, you can find Avery competing on her school’s debate team or crafting tweets for all 49 of her followers.

Owen Rice, Programming Vice President
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Owen Rice (he/him) is thrilled to be the NFTY-MAR Programming Vice President. Outside of NFTY, Owen loves to go camping, watch sports, and go on runs with his dog, Jasmine Rice (pun intended). Owen runs cross country and track for school, and also works as a math tutor. He is very excited to be PVP, and can’t wait for this year!

Ilene Kruger, Social Action Vice President
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Ilene Kruger (she/her) is a senior from Arlington, VA.  When not thinking up sick ways to get the region excited about inclusion on Cabinet, you can usually find Ilene aggressively supporting her TYG, TRSTY, or proclaiming her love for rock climbing at the local rock climbing gym. Ilene also enjoys playing the guitar, clarinet, saxophone, and ukulele, but none of them well. Reach out to say hi or if you know another instrument she should play!

Linnie Ulick, Religious & Cultural Vice President
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Linnie Ulick (she/her), is a senior from Owings Mills, Maryland and she is ecstatic to be the NFTY-MAR Religious and Cultural Vice President! When not in her school band room, you could find Linnie reading philosophy books that don’t always make sense, grooving on the drum set, or being her friends’ Uber driver.

Noah Volin, Communications Vice President
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Noah Volin (he/him) is a senior from Durham, North Carolina. Noah goes to Durham School of the Arts where he focuses on 3D art, like sculpture, and technical theatre. After one term as the NFTY-MAR Communications Vice President, Noah is excited to continue in the role for the 5780-5781 year. When he's not doing NFTY, he can be found loving plants, hanging out with good friends, or volunteering in his local community.

Sarah Kazden, Membership Vice President
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Sarah (she/her) is a 12th grader from Virginia and she cannot wait to meet new NFTYites as the Membership Vice President. Sarah's favorite color is pink and her favorite food is chicken nuggets (dinosaur shaped only, preferably the stegosaurus). Besides NFTY, Sarah swims for her school and summer teams. At NFTY events you’ll catch her with her stuffed octopus named Inky. She also enjoys anything fuzzy and her huggle (fuzzy sweatshirt) is her most prized possession.

NFTY Mid-Atlantic Region prides itself on being a region led by and experienced by teens. Our leadership is composed of a regional board, cabinet, and committees, along with our Regional Director who oversees all programs and administration. The Regional Board is composed of six positions who are elected by their peers to serve a one-year term. Regional board members play a critical role in all aspects of running the region including event planning and marketing, and mentoring teen leaders from our local youth communities.

Our Staff

Emily Messinger
NFTY - East Area Manager
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NFTY-MAR Cabinet 2019-2020

Inclusion Chair Annabel Miller
Media and Marketing Head Nina Elvin
Membership Subregional Assistant Committee (mSAC) North: Millie Huntington. East: Alyssa West. West: Carly Chiat. South: Shane Adams and Ilana Farnsworth.
Programming Chairs Noa Glashow and Jacob Wesoky
Social Action Chairs Shayna Demick and Shani Ibari
Song Leading Chairs Austin Lobel and Noah Simon
Spiritual Engagement Chair Avi Holzman