Meet Our Regional Board

Joe Lichtenstein, President
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Joe Lichtenstein (he/him) is a two time Kutz alum from SCOTTY in Roanoke, Virginia. Other than spending inordinate amounts of time with NFTY MAR, he plays basketball and does wholesome activities like basking in the sun or writing letters to well missed friends. A proud owner of yellow, size 13 crocs, Joe starts everyday with four Eggo waffles. He cannot wait to see where our region can go in the next year!

Danielle Hazan, Programming Vice President
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Danielle Hazan (she/her) is thrilled to be serving as Programming Vice President this upcoming year! She is from Bethesda, Maryland and takes pride in being a tour guide at Walt Whitman High School. When not fawning over ProFo, she loves making grilled cheese, rooting on the Capitals and Nationals, and debating legislation during asefah. Danielle previously attended Mitzvah Corps, is a Kutz ‘17 alumna, and cannot wait to return to camp for summer ‘18! She is hype for this upcoming year and to run some awesome programs!!

Davida Rimm-Kaufman, Social Action Vice President
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Davida Rimm-Kaufman (she/her) is elated to be serving a second term as Social Action VP. She hails from Charlottesville, Virginia, where she is constantly distracted by the Blue Ridge mountains. Other than NFTY, Davida enjoys photography, windy days, hammocks, and the smell of bonfires. Davida is ready for an excellent year with her regional board, and cannot wait to learn cool stuff and go on adventures.

Benjy Kline, Religious & Cultural Vice President
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Benjy Kline (he/him) is most excited to be this year’s Religious and Cultural Vice President for NFTY-MAR. Aside from from his participation in NFTY, Benjy can be observed making large plays on the frisbee field, cooking up legendary feasts to be consumed in solitude, and creating melodic compositions on the guitar. Benjy literally can not wait to start working as the Religious and Cultural Vice President and is extremely excited to help create a space where everyone can connect and further their Jewish identity.

Beyla Richman, Communications Vice President
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Beyla Richman (she/her) is thrilled to be serving as your next Communications Vice President. When she’s not belting out music, she can be found rowing past the Washington Monument, editing videos, or scooping ice cream at the local ice cream store! During the summer, you can find her taking cold showers and enjoying some gorgeous sunsets at Camp Harlam. Next time you see her at an event don’t hesitate to go up and talk to her, and remember to save the bees. (They’re dying at an alarming rate)

Karyn Schy, Membership Vice President
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Meet Karyn Schy (she/her). When she is not serving as MARs MVP you can usually find her in a cafe, an eno, at a concert, or playing any sport without a ball. Her favorite mixer question of all time is “What is your spirit cheese and why?” so if you see her be sure to let her know 🙂 She is so excited for the upcoming year and wants everyone to know that she can’t wait to meet you all.

NFTY Mid-Atlantic Region is governed by a board of teen leaders who are elected by their peers that serve a one-year term. Regional board members play a critical role in all aspects of running the region including event planning and marketing, and mentoring teen leaders from our local youth communities. The regional board is mentored by a Regional Director of Youth Engagement who oversees all programs and administration.


Jessa Cameron


Jessa Cameron is excited to join the URJ team as the Director of Youth Engagement for the Mid-Atlantic Region of NFTY. Originally from Los Angeles, Jessa is an East…

NFTY-MAR Cabinet 2018-2019

Fundraising ChairsMiriam SkadronAidan Rand
Israel Education ChairJared Sloan
Inclusion ChairsCarly ChiatLee Smith
Membership SubregionalAssistant Committee (mSAC)North: Dylan DavidoffEast: Jaclyn FrankWest: Sarah KazdenSouth:Ari Krupnick and Seth Steiman
Programming ChairsApril SpringerMica Maltzman
Social Action ChairJacob Wesoky
Song Leading ChairRebecca Bregman
Spiritual Engagement ChairsLindsey FleishmanAnnie Joseph
NFTY678 ChairsBrandon SchoenfeldSidra Kennedy