Meet Our Regional Board

Lindsey Fleishman, President
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Lindsey Fleishman (she/her) is ecstatic to be serving as your President this year. She is from Wake Forest, North Carolina where she takes pride in our southern subregion. When she's not dancing around MAR events you can often find her eating tacos (especially on Tuesdays), watching Gilmore Girls or repping the East Carolina Pirates. She is excited to see the places we can go this year and can't wait to get to know every MARite!

Mica Maltzman, Programming Vice President
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Mica Maltzman (she/her) is thrilled to be serving as this year's Programming Vice President. When she's not pronouncing her love for Sinaites, she can be found frolicking in a dance studio, trying to make her dad’s shirts fashionable, or struggling to understand what her phone is saying in Spanish. You can always find her at events with a roll of Keebler Club Crackers (or more recently, burned yucca), so don't hesitate to come up to her if you're craving a snack or just wanna chat. She can not wait to see what this year has in store.

Lee Smith, Social Action Vice President
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Lee Smith (they/them) is incredibly excited to be serving as this year's NFTY-MAR Social Action Vice President! Lee enjoys playing beefy diddles on the snare drum. In their spare time, Lee likes to practice sign language and ponder possible accessibility improvements in everyday life. Playing in marching bands, indoor percussion groups, and ultimate frisbee teams are some of their favorite activities. Lee is ready for an excellent year full of Social Action adventures!

Noah Simon, Religious & Cultural Vice President
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Noah Simon (he/him) can’t wait to serve as your 5779–5780 Religious and Cultural Vice President! He is from Annapolis, Maryland and loves to play the guitar. When not teaching music to children at his synagogue, you could probably find him coding, writing essays for school, or reading Dungeons and Dragons material. Noah is so excited to spend the year working with the rest of Board to create unforgettable experiences for the whole region.

Noah Volin, Communications Vice President
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Noah Volin (he/him) is more than thrilled to be serving as your next Communications Vice President. He is from Durham, NC and attends Durham School of the Arts. When he is not rocking out on the Kazoo at a MAR event, Noah is usually working on tech for his school’s upcoming play. He is so excited to work with the Communications network and with everyone in the region. Noah is consistently dreaming about Moishe Moose and is so excited for the 5779-5780 year.

Karyn Schy, Membership Vice President
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Meet Karyn Schy (she/her). When she is not serving as MARs MVP you can usually find her in a cafe, an eno, at a concert, or playing any sport without a ball. Her favorite mixer question of all time is “What is your spirit cheese and why?” so if you see her be sure to let her know 🙂 She is so excited for the upcoming year and wants everyone to know that she can’t wait to meet you all.

NFTY Mid-Atlantic Region prides itself on being a region led by and experienced by teens. Our leadership is composed of a regional board, cabinet, and committees, along with our Regional Director who oversees all programs and administration. The Regional Board is composed of six positions who are elected by their peers to serve a one-year term. Regional board members play a critical role in all aspects of running the region including event planning and marketing, and mentoring teen leaders from our local youth communities.


Jessa Cameron


Jessa Cameron is excited to join the URJ team as the Director of Youth Engagement for the Mid-Atlantic Region of NFTY. Originally from Los Angeles, Jessa is an East…

NFTY-MAR Cabinet 2019-2020

Inclusion Chair Ilene Kruger
Israel Education Chair Jack Morgenstein
Marketing Chair Aidan Rand
Membership Subregional Assistant Committee (mSAC) North: David Donze East: Stephen Speyer West: Samara Tanner/Aurora Stankow-Mercer South: Caroline Schmitt
Programming Chairs April Springer and Avi Holzman
Social Action Chairs Jacob Wesoky and Shayna Demick
Song Leading Chair Rebecca Bregman
Spiritual Engagement Chairs Avery Sloan and Linnie Ulick
NFTY678 Chairs Annie Joseph and Brandon Schoenfeld