What does it mean to be a NFTYite?

As a NFTYite, you have the opportunity the connect with Reform Jewish teens from across both the Mid-Atlantic Region as well as all of North America. Whether you have a passion for Jewish learning, social action, theater, sports or all of the above, NFTY can serve as an outlet for you to express your creativity and become a leader in a fun and thought-provoking atmosphere. As a part of the Mid-Atlantic Region, you will be exposed to a wealth of knowledge and some of the most genuine people you can come across.

Your NFTY experience is simply what you make it, and the more you jump in, the more you will get out it.

Why attend a NFTY-MAR event?

"Everyone is so supportive and accepting of each other" - Kylie Miller (Class of 2022)

"Being able to be yourself without being judged. Also getting friends for the rest of your life." - Magen Evers (Class of 2023)

"When I attended my first NFTY event, I had no idea how much it would impact my life. Now four years later, I am thankful for the lifelong friends and special memories I have been given."  - Lindsey Fleishman (Class of 2020)