• URJ Summer Program Experience: What I Learned at the Kutz Camp

    I went into this summer not knowing how it would be. I was nervous that I would not have as much fun as I had in previous summers at URJ Camp Harlam and way back in the day URJ Camp Kalsman. I was freaking out in the week or so

  • URJ Summer Program: What I Learned on Mitzvah Corps

    These wise words of Brock from Nola Green Roots has stuck with me ever since I stepped out of Wise Words garden. This past summer, I had the opportunity to go to New Orleans with the URJ Mitzvah Corps program. While there, we worked with 4 organizations: Global Green, cleaning

  • URJ Summer Program Experience: What I Learned at the Kutz Camp

    I spent this summer at the URJ Kutz Camp in Warwick, New York in the Social Action Major. While there, we take a trip to New York City. When it was finally time to go, my teacher, Avra, announced our trip day activity would be feeding the elderly at a

  • Ha(M)aretz Is Here!

    Hey NFTY-MAR! Here is the first issue for the 2016-2017 publication year of Ha(M)aretz. The Israeli Education Chairs and the regional board have been hard at work to write, edit, and produce this newsletter, and plan to continue a publication every month. While this issue of Ha(M)aretz does not reflect the social,

  • An Opportunity to LEAD Spiritually!

    Have you ever sat through a NFTY service and watched your friends being called up to chant Torah, give an original D’var Torah, lead a song, or read a quote, and thought to yourself, “How can I do that?”

  • Why LEAD?

    LEAD. Leadership Exploration and Development. We’ve renamed MAR’s first event of the year and we want to explain why.

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    Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD)!

    LEAD, which stands for Leadership Exploration and Development, will Regional Board 2016-2017be September 16th-18th at Capital Camps. Formerly known as JELLO, LEAD aims to empower and provide MARites with the skills to be successful leaders in this upcoming year.

  • Truth About Why I’m Absolutely Ready to Return to #Kutz16!

    Written by Sydney Chiat, a sophomore from Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation. Sydney will be a Kutz Fellow this summer!  Interested in attending #Kutz16? Scholarships are still available! ——— Kehilah Kedosha, holy community. One month of the immense feeling of Kehilah Kedosha. One month of friends, of learning, but most importantly-

  • Spring Kallah D’Var Torah: Metzora

    The D’var Torah below was written by Joe Lichtenstein (Temple Emanuel, Roanoke, Virginia), a freshman in NFTY-MAR. —————— On the first day of kindergarten, a day full of terror and fright, my bus driver told me that he liked my shoes. Parsha Metzora is written with unbelievable detail. It is

  • NFTY-MAR Regional Board Elections Packet is Now Available!

    Dear NFTY-MAR, We are excited to present the NFTY-MAR Elections Packet 2016-2017. NFTY-MAR has always been a region of leaders, all of whom are ready to dedicate themselves to our region. We are so proud of everyone who decides to run, regardless of the outcome, because we know that you all care about