It is written in the Talmud, “It is not the position that honors the person, but the person who honors the position.”

One of the best aspects of NFTY as a movement is that we are actively teen lead. The regional board will work in partnership with our adult leadership to develop and implement new contributions to our community. This is your movement to make your voice heard and cast your vote for the future of our community.

Learn more about Virtual Spring Kallah May 1-3 and register by Thursday, April 30th!


Virtual Spring Kallah

  • NFTY-MAR’s Spring Kallah will take place May 1-3. Elections will take place on Saturday, May 2. 
  • Participants must register by Thursday, April 30.
  • Participants may attend as much or as little of all programming, but you must register for and attend Elections in order to be counted when the number of voting delegates is assigned to each youth group

Candidate Materials

  • Learn more about this year’s Regional Board candidates HERE.
  • Platform sheets will be sent out to all elections participants in our pre-event email.


Meet the Candidates

    • We will start with roll-call to confirm the number of participants for each TYG.
    • Participants will be divided into Zoom breakout rooms based on TYG. Candidates will move room to room, and have 5 minutes to answer questions.

Lunch Break/TYG Caucus Time

    • We will break for lunch. While TYGs will have limited time to caucus for each position, we highly recommend setting up your own Zoom/group call to begin caucusing together during this time.


    • We will begin the voting period with roll-call to confirm the number of participants and votes for each TYG.
      • Each TYG shall have up to 5 voting delegates, based on the number of people present.
      • Participants must attend Meet the Candidates and all of voting to be counted toward the voting delegate total
    • We will start with President and elect by position following gavel order.
      • Candidates will go to a holding tank breakout room and TYGs will be sent to breakout rooms to caucus. 
      • TYG representatives will be emailed virtual ballots and have a certain amount of time to caucus and to submit the ballot form.
    • In line with NFTY North American procedures, we will be using Instant Runoff Voting. Rather than only marking your top choice on the ballot, TYGs rank candidates on the ballot. If no candidates reach a majority at first, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated, and those ballots are redistributed to the second choice pick. It’s the same run-off that has happened in person, but rather than redoing the voting process, we already have that information and can get the result in a fraction of the time. You can watch this video for a more detailed description of Instant Runoff Voting
    • The NFTY-MAR Regional Director and President will count the votes, tell the candidates the results, then announce the winner to the region.
    • We’ll move down the gavel order repeating the process!
    • For drop-downs, prior to TYG caucusing for the position, all candidates for the position will be asked one question to the region. When we send out ballots for that position, we will also send out all candidate speeches for the position and extend caucus time for TYGs to watch.