Join us for our first-ever NFTY MAR Hanukkallah!

A two-day virtual event for NFTY MAR to celebrate the holiday and connect with each other. We will continue the tradition of Grade Wars interspersed with fun programming, and regional bonding.

Participants will need to register for each program individually. Go to RJ on the Go or click the name of each program below to register and sign-in for the event.

Questions? Email Avery Sloan, NFTY MAR President, or Emily Messinger, NFTY East Area Manager.

Saturday, December 12

Program 1: Shabbat Sha-Breakouts and Social Action (11:00 am)

Join us for Shabbat Sha-Breakouts and part one of our two part social action program! Come to learn more about your Judaism as well as the world around us, together, as we kick off the weekend!

Program 2: Grade Bonding, Social Action, Leadership Training  (1:45 pm)

Join us for hype Grade Wars preparation session with the Grade Captains and get to know others in your grade. Then we will participate in an exciting social action program and finish up with a fun leadership program. You don’t want to miss this!

Program 3: Havdallah & Grade Wars (7:00 pm)

Join NFTY-MAR for our annual grade wars! After a nice Havdallah service, the grades will face off against each other with cheers, virtual competitions, and even a dreidel tournament!

Sunday, December 13

Program 4: Asefah & Subregional Time (11:30 am)

Join us for asefah (NFTY MAR's regional board meeting) where we will pass legislation relevant to the rest of the year, update the region, and hear from different youth board boards. We will also have a chance to hang out in a smaller group within our different subregions.

Program 5: Interests Program & Friendship Circle (2:30 pm)

Join us as we end our event with a breakout style program where you will learn about multiple MARite's interests and you might even gain that interest as well. We will wrap up with a classic Friendship circle!