NFTY-MAR Spring Kallah

Thursday, April 25 - Sunday, April 28, 2019
URJ Camp Harlam
Kunkletown, PA

What was your first impression of NFTY-MAR? What do you hope your first impression of NFTY-MAR will be? How do you want to remember NFTY-MAR? How do you want NFTY-MAR to remember you?

We began the year with leadership training, and will come full circle as our 8th graders now have a chance to make their voices heard in the region, and our 12th graders are given the opportunity to impart their wisdom on the future generations of NFTY-MAR.

Whether it's your first event or your last, we welcome you to join us at Spring Kallah and participate in the Regional Board elections process, meaningful services, amazing programs, and have a chance to say goodbye to your NFTY-MAR senior class.

Voting. Laughing. Social Action. Praying. Speaking up. Come to Spring Kallah, and say what YOU need to say!

Please note that this event begins late Thursday evening so that we can begin our elections early Friday morning and the continue with our event. Programming will be provided for any MARites who may not be interested in attending elections. Most buses will leave after school hours on Thursday.

The schedule will be that Regional Board elections will take place on Friday early-morning, and our event will proceed as usual with Shabbat on Friday evening.