NFTYxNC Junior Kallah

Are you in 678? Do you live in NC? Yes!!! Awesome! Then please join us for the first-ever NFTYxNC Junior Kallah! This event is open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who live in NC!

We are taking full advantage of the opportunity that virtual platforms give in creating friendships and collaboration with people we would not normally get due to physical distance. We hope that through this event we can form new friendships among Jewish middle schoolers across NC, while providing a fun and meaningful weekend to wrap up Hanukkah 2020 together.

This event is all about working together...just like...AMONG US! Among Us is an awesome game that is extremely popular right now, and it's a big part of our Middle School Kallah. We will also be talking about taking care of our mental health, with the help of the characters from Inside Out!

Participants will need to register for each program individually. Go to RJ on the Go or click the name of each program below to register and sign-in for the event.

Questions? Email Hannah Demick, Temple BEth Or, Youth & Programs Director at

Friday, December 18

Friday Night: Services and Mixers (6:00 pm)

We will kick off our two-day kallah on Friday evening with some fun camp/NFTY-style Shabbat services and mixers to get to know the other 6-8th graders from all over North Carolina! See you there!

Saturday, December 19

Saturday Morning: Games & Inside Out (12:00 pm)

During this program, we will play fun games, like Among Us, and explore the topic of Mental Health with characters from Inside Out!

Saturday Night: Havdallah & Big Fun (7:00 pm)

We conclude our NFTYxNC Jr Kallah weekend with Havdalah, Song Session, BIG FUN, and friendship circle!